Tips to Help Gentlemen Ace Dinner Dates

Dinner dates offer plenty of opportunities especially for people who are still in the “getting-to-know” stage. However, it can also be a make or break the experience for people wanting to start a relationship. Good first impressions can happen in dinner dates and so are negative impressions. If you plan to have a dinner date with that woman who is the reason for your sleepless nights, better keep in mind the following tips:

Eat Slowly While Maintaining Eye Contact

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. Devouring food as if you haven’t eaten in a year is indeed a turn-off for many women. Instead, enjoy the food by taking everything slowly, savouring each bite while listening attentively to what your date is saying. Sometimes when you are hungry and the food on the table is just so delicious, you may tend to forget that you are eating with the person who is still a stranger to you. Most of all, keep an eye contact with the other person in front of you. If your eyes are on the food the whole time you run the risk of having a dinner date that walks out of the restaurant and out of your life.

Restaurant Etiquette

Keep in Mind Basic Etiquette

Never make your date realize that you went to Amazon for your master’s degree as manifested by your scraping off cutlery, talking while mouths open and filled with food. Don’t gulp glasses of wine, one after the other as if you plan to make the entire dinner date a drinking spree. If this is you at home, well, please, don’t bring the same set of habits at restaurants. Remember that even when you are dining in the best restaurant in Croydon, one single table etiquette mistake you show your date is already enough to ruin the night.

Avoid Swiping Your Date’s Plate

If you see your date barely touching the food that’s on the table, avoid the temptation to swipe it off or pour everything to your plate. This is important especially if it is still your first time to have a date with that person. If you feel that you need a second helping, it is better to call the waiter and order for another dish. Then, mention it to your date that you want her to try that dish too. This way, it won’t be too obvious that you just need to fill your tummy more. But, if you sense that your date is game with sharing dishes, then try to ask politely. It could also be a good opportunity to bond and get closer to each other.

Choose Topics Carefully

Dinner dates are great ways to know more about each other. This is why if you are to start a conversation, make sure you don’t choose topics that make dinner less palatable. Avoid talking about medical conditions or other things that are synonymous to filth and garbage. Otherwise, the other person may not only misconstrue you for being the worst when it comes to conversations. But, she may also perceive you as untidy or everything but neat and clean. Instead, talk about things that are interesting and which may spark really good conversations. Things about hobbies, interest or anything that may also be in common with your date will enormously help dinner truly something to cherish.

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