Stay Fit and Healthy with these 5 Natural Juice Drinks

For every health enthusiast out there, one of the things that are in right now is natural juices. These healthy drinks are extracted from the natural essence of organic fruits and vegetables and then, drunk as it is. What makes this so trendy is how these natural juices, which you can simply make at home, are filled with quite a variety of essential vitamins and minerals and how they can be used for more than as a juice. They can be turned into popsicles, for example. The possibilities of getting creative with these natural healthy liquids are only limited to what an individual’s imagination can think of. Here are five fruits and veggies to get creative with and to help you stay fit and healthy.

Juice 1: Go for the Greens

When you read or see “green”, you immediately think of vegetables. Well, you are on point of that. The most healthy juice drink out there are those extracted from fresh, green and leafy veggies. Though, unfortunately, they are not much favored because of their not so appealing taste – a bit of bitter to the tongue. But you shouldn’t let this get the better of you. Don’t think of the taste. Think of the health benefits you can get from this juice. The best ingredients for a healthy green juice are spinach, parsley, celery or better yet, a mix of the three.


Juice 2: More than a Berry

In a scientific and botanical sense, strawberries are not really berries. They are actually an “aggregate fruit”, as they call it. The name is rather misleading, I know. But nonetheless, these little sweet red delights are great for making a natural healthy juice drink. Strawberries rank third as one of the best natural sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants have been believed to reduce acquiring the risk of heart disease and have been exhibited that it helps in maintaining healthy teeth. How about that for a fruit that’s more than a berry?

Juice 3: The Tree of Life

The coconut tree, or The Tree of Life as it is so famously crowned, is the bearer of one of the most popular juice drinks out there, coconut water. Not only is this natural juice quite refreshing and very hydrating, it is also fat and cholesterol-free. It has even been proved to help people recover from hangovers. Now, that’s truly what you would expect as the fruit of the so-called tree of life.

Juice 4: Up for a Hydrate

Did you know that cucumbers are 95% water? I bet you didn’t. This characteristic has made this bit of organic produce a great and delicious alternative for hydrating apart from the usual H2O. It also is a great detox drink. Cucumber juice has great positive effects on your eyes, skin, and blood pressure. Simply amazing.

Juice 5: Soak in Some Vitamins

Here’s the answer to why bunnies are so energetic and cute at the same time. It’s because of the carrots. These orange vegetables are very rich in a variety of vitamins. They are filled with vitamins A, C and K. That’s what makes them such great candidates for natural healthy juice drinks.

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