Recreate Fast Food At Home

Parents of small children face this accusation all the time: this doesn’t taste like the XXX place! Many children develop a taste for fast food and are then furious when their parents cannot recreate something similar at home. The truth of the matter is, fast food uses several unhealthy ingredients as well as ingredients like lard that’s several days old to make food taste better, not to mention the preservatives they inject into many of the core components of their food to make it easier to keep. The only way you can compete is by making your home made fast food taste better, if not the exact same. Here are some tips:

French Fries

The frozen ones in the supermarket will never taste the same as the ones in the fast food joint, so don’t even try. Instead, make them from scratch. Peel and slice the potato, then cut them in long thin strips and dunk them in ice water. Take them out and immediately fry them in new oil. Once done, place them on a paper towel to drain the excess oil and sprinkle garlic salt and pepper to add flavour. The winning trick? Put a little bit of melted butter on it and mix thoroughly so that it tastes creamy as well as fresh.

Recreate Fast Food

Big Burghers

Don’t be so anxious to feed your children lettuce. If they don’t like it, don’t force them. Instead, chop it into tiny bits and add it to the meat patty mixture. Once the patty has been fried or baked, there will no obvious trace of lettuce and your children will happily eat the burgher. Once more thing you can do is follow the golden arches and place pickles in the burgher – a finishing touch that very few other burgher companies do in the world.

Recreate Fast Food

Fried Chicken

Everyone has their own recipe for this, and is one of the few dishes that children will actually enjoy at home as well as outside. The key to good fried chicken is this. Marinate the chicken in spices before you fry it, but make it a dry marinade. So avoid lemon juice or anything similar. Next, mix the batter with ice water and make sure there are no lumps whatsoever. Finally, once the chicken is done, serve it with tomato sauce and lemon slices and show your children how to squeeze the juice out onto the chicken before you dig in. This will make it taste so much better and your children will stop asking for big buckets of fried chicken to be delivered to your home.

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