How To Pull Off The Best BBQ Feast?

The weekend has finally arrived and you are looking forward to nothing more than kicking back and relaxing. Cooking is not on your list of things to do, but you figure a barbecue with friends can’t  be too complicated. Or can it be? For those who are less acquainted with the grill and tongs – a barbecue can be an exhausting exercise. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on for some pointers on how to pull off the most amazing BBQ feast your family and friends have ever experienced.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is In Working Order

Before you get ready to purchase all your meats to marinade, first make sure that your grill is in working order. Check the joints, grill and other bits and see if they need replacing. Once heated they might just come apart and your cooking adventures could be over even before they’ve begun. If items need replacing, any bbq spare parts Melbourne store, located in your community should have what you require. One of the simplest tips to cooking up some really good meats is to make sure you are using charcoal on your grill. Gas fired barbecues will not give you the same flavour as that of a charcoal grill. The second most important technique is making sure to use a lid over your barbecue grill. This will help to lock in the heat and flavour as well as help cook the meat faster as an even temperature is maintained throughout the grill.

Add Wood Chips To Your Grill

So if you are a bit of an experienced griller who has handled charcoal before, try adding some aromatic chips of wood to your charcoal mix. The aromas will add that much more flavour to your meats and your dishes will  be the talk of the evening. Wood chips such as cherry and apple go down well with most meats while oak wood chips work well with pork or fish.

Have Patience And Learn When To Cook

In order to be a master of the grill you have to have patience. It’s first the waiting and then it’s the concentrating. It takes time to fire up your charcoal and then you must wait for the flames to give way to an ash coating on the coals. The coals must be whitish or grey and remain to have a glow within each mound. This is when you know the temperature has evened out. Now, once you´ve got the temperature just right, you need to maintain it and control the heat in order for it to do your bidding of cooking.

Keep Cooking Utensils Nearby

Once food on the grill begins to cook, it’s very easy for your mind to stray and get lost in conversation. That is when you need to have your utensils close by so that you can easily transfer food from the grill onto your serving plate. A minute too long and you might just end up burning it. Burger patties will cook almost instantly when they are fresh and at the right temperature, so be warned, armed and ready with all the tongs, forks and clippers that you´ll need.

Being a good barbecue chef is not too difficult one you´ve got the basic techniques and skills down. Alongside the technicalities, you´ll also require some good marinades that won´t over dry your meats or overpower the flavour of the meat itself. Master these aspects and you´ll be called the ‘Lord of the Grill’ in no time.

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