How To Plan The Perfect Proposal?

So you’ve finally managed to find “the one”! The woman with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. Once you realize that this person is your soul mate, the next step would be the proposal. But, does the idea of getting down on one knee and popping the big question scare the living daylights out you? Are you afraid that she might say no or you might end up messing the proposal speech? Fear not! These tips will help you plan the best proposal ever.

Choose The Right Ring

Regardless of how beautiful the venue is or how much effort you put into the music and décor, the ring is bound to be the highlight of the evening. In fact, this is the symbol of the proposal that will remain once you go back home and get on with your day to day life. One glance at the ring and the two of you will surely be transported back to the special day when it all happened. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the perfect ring that has an important part of your relationship incorporated within. It could be either her favourite colour stone or a precious stone handed down in the family from generation to generation.

Choose A Special Venue

You don’t need to plan an over the top proposal. It could be done while enjoying a simple dinner at home while you cook her favourite meal and catch her off guard by going down on one knee. It could also be done at her favourite seafood restaurant, and you can get the place decorated to suit the mood. However, if you don’t prefer the simpler route, you can always choose an extravagant option such as proposing on a hot air balloon or taking her on a vacation to a romantic island and popping the question there. The options are innumerable when it comes to proposing. It all depends on which one you choose and how she takes it.

Capture The Moment

If there is one thing that brides across the globe emphasise on, it would be to make sure that the big moment is caught on camera. Make sure you hire a professional photographer and get him to hide discreetly in the background and take pictures so that your girlfriend has no idea that you are about to pop the question. If you happen to be proposing in front of a group of friends, you could always ask someone to take photos while another person videos it.

Planning a proposal can be daunting. You have to ensure that you put on your detective cloak and sharpen your sneaky skills in order to make sure that your partner does not get a whiff of the plans that you have been making for so long. So be discreet with the planning and make sure you convey your feelings in such a way, that she cannot say no!

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