How to Choose a Restaurant for a Business Meeting

If finding a business meeting venue for your boss is amongst your list of tasks for the day, selecting the most exclusive location with impeccable food and drinks is a must. A meeting that ended badly due to the location that you’ve picked might cost you your job, therefore careful planning and research are definitely required. With the right key elements met, it would be an effortless task to pin down the perfect restaurant venue.

Consider the Location

The location of the restaurant needs to be clean with a civilized society so that the clients in the business meeting does not feel like they are at the wrong place, and to avoid making them feel demeaned at any cost because that might just lead to a very unsuccessful meeting. Therefore, always make a few calls prior to making your decision.

The Restaurant

Before selecting the restaurant, always make sure you do some internet browsing for the classiest venue hire Croydon. It should not only be classy but also clean with polite staff and a great ambiance. The last thing you want is for the food or the staff to throw the moods off the valuable clients. You could gather this information on sites such as Yale or Zomato where they provide you with star rating and customer reviews. Look for a star rating higher than three stars with more than 50% customer satisfaction.

The Food

Aim for a restaurant with a renowned cuisine such as the Italian, which tends to be classy, delicious and hassle free. Italian chefs are very passionate about their food so they will never fail to deliver. Browse for Italian restaurants or restaurants with great pasta or spectacular steak.

The Drinks

Always select a restaurant with a full bar so that each person involved in the meeting could get a drink according to their preference and so your boss isn’t required to carry a bottle of wine or any other drink along.

The Ambiance

When you have narrowed down your search, go to the restaurant website and look through images to assure the cleanliness and the ambiance of the venue. This will also help you double check and confirm whether this is the right place. Consider the time of the meeting, if it is after 4 pm, check if the restaurant has a fireplace, as this would add to the elegance of the restaurant and put everyone in a great mood.


Healthy Drinks

Try to find a restaurant that is within 3km from your organization to avoid travel cost and hassle. Also choose a restaurant that is wheelchair accessible to be on the safer side.

Furthermore, one thing you have to always check is the method of payment, the most convenient mode being utilizing a debit card, therefore make sure the restaurant you’ve selected approves payment made for the meals and venue by card.

After you’ve completed all of these steps you can commence to booking the venue at least an hour prior to the meeting.

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