Fun Facts about Wine You Did Not Know

As a drink that has been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, it is safe to say that wine is at this point, quite established in the world. Enjoyed across a multitude of different cultures in all corners of the globe, it continues to revel in unwavering popularity, with new varieties continuing to be added on regularly. Needless to say, this drink that is made of simple ingredients has a complexity about it that has contributed to its charm, rendering it timeless in a sense. On that note, here are a few fun facts about wine you probably did not know about. They will certainly make drinking wine that much more fun next time around, not to mention act as conversation starters at your next occasion!

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Beneficial Properties

Firstly, know that this does not mean the wine is 100% healthy for you, or that you should be drinking a bottle of the stuff on the daily. No, what this means is that as wine is made from grapes, it does contain a percentage of anti-oxidants and cancer-fighting properties as well. Some examples are polyphenol and resveratrol. Interestingly, red wine is known to have more anti-oxidants than its white wine counterparts, mainly because red wine is typically fermented with the skin. In any case, no matter a number of anti-oxidants in any glass of wine, do not go beyond 1-2 glasses a day bearing your health in mind.

The Colours Are Your Guide

If you have ever paused to wonder why different wines come in different colours, this may also have led you to wonder where they come from. Aside from the wine name itself which is usually indicative of the region where the wine is produced, did you know that its hue is excellent for being able to tell you what sort of climate it comes from? For example, darker, heavier reds or whites with deep yellow tinges are dead giveaways of a warm climate, whilst the lighter, crisper shades show you the wine has come from a cool climate. So when you buy white wine or red wine, this is a handy little trick to help you along the way.

Wine Was an Accident

Some of the earliest traces of wine date back to a whopping 6,000 years ago, and based on research and studies that have been conducted accordingly, it is believed that like tea, the wine was also a drink that was discovered quite by accident. From there on, (since they clearly liked what they tasted) they went onto develop it and work on it, leading us to the wines we know and love today. The Egyptians are most notably credited with this part of it, and eventually, the Romans made it popular and spread it across Europe.

How To Sound Like You Know About Wine// might come in handy when I take my wine appreciation class

‘Tasting’ Is Actually Smelling

As any wine aficionado will tell you, the process of wine tasting is actually smelling. So in a sense, the concept of wine ‘tasting’ is confusing, but if you are serious about the subject, you may as well know this from the start. Smell is the most important since you have where tasting is concerned, so it is important to train your nose before your palate. You should also ideally be led by a wine tasting expert to show you the right way to do it.

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